Active ingredients for health supplements and nutraceutical applications

Apple Cider Vinegar with “Mother” Powder

A natural prebiotic for gut health. 5-9% acetic acid. Ingredient for healthcare supplements or stand alone Apple Cider Vinegar pills and capsules.

St John’s Wort Extract

Australian St John’s wort contains super concentrated hypericum as a result of the heat of the intense heat from the harsh Australian sun. Botanical Innovations is the first commercial producer of wild harvest Australian St John’s Wort Extract. Available as a liquid, powder or infused oil. Suitable for health care supplements. Studies indicate St John’s Wort Extract assist regulate sleeping patterns and may assist with the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Fermented Papaya Powder

Fermented Papaya Powder contains antioxidants, natural fiber, folic acid and multi vitamins, among other nutrients. Studies indicate Fermented Papaya Powder is good for skin health, reduces cholesterol, helps combat constipation and strengthens the immune system. The active ingredients is papayin. This product is suitable for healthcare supplements pills, capsules and blends.

Apple Peel Extract

With an extract ratio of 1:200 this extract has the nutrients of one apple for every 10ml or 10gm. This extract is available in liquid or powder form. The total phenolic content is 30,000-70,000 mg/L and contains concentrated Quercetin and Antioxidants. This product is suitable for healthcare supplements in formulation or as a stand alone product.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract is a natural source of polyphenols, proanthocyanidins powerful antioxidants with research linking grape seed extract to cardiovascular and circulatory health and support for the immune system.. This extract is available in liquid or powder form. Botanical Innovations grape seed extract is 50,000-60,000mg/L or OCP’s (oligomeric proanthocyandins) 400-500mg.

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Nutraceutical Ingredients

Buddha Wood Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Eremophila Mitchelli
Common Names: Australian Desert Rosewood Essential Oil, Australian Sandalwood Oil
Description: Eremophila Mitchelli heartwood Essential Oil

Buddha Wood Essential Oil is the Australian essential oil derived from the Eremophilla Mitchell tree which has similar properties and chemistry to Agarwood & Sandalwood Oils with is own distinct deep aroma.

Until now the two most prized essential oils derived from wood in the world have been Agarwood and Sandalwood.

This unique essential oil has a unique chemistry giving it a similar structure to Agarwood and Vetiver. The main constituents of Australian Desert Rosewood Essential Oil are Eremophilone, 2-Hydroxy-Eremophilone and 2-Hydroxy-2-Dihydroxy-Eremophilone.



Eremophilla Mitchelli is a desert loving tree found throughout the arid regions of tropical and sub tropical Australia primarily found in native scrub ranging from Northern Queensland to Northern NSW. Eremophilla Mitchelli grows to between 2.5-6 metres has glossy dard green broomlike leaves and white or mauve bell shaped fragrant flowers. The tree has a distinctive woody aromatic scent from the oil trapped inside the wood and has been harvested for centuries for a wide variety of uses with commercial processing dating back to last century when the essential oil and timber were exported to China for incense and perfumery. Trade was interrupted during the First World War processing of the timber remained a cottage industry until Botanical Innovations began developing commercial production technology in 2014.


Botanical Innovations has a joint venture partnership with farmers in Northern NSW to sustainably wild harvest Eremophilla Mitchellii subject to permits and licences from the Australian Government. Botanical Innovations is committed to sustainable harvesting. Eremophilla Mitchellii is sustainably harvested. Botanical Innovations ensures during harvesting there is no ecological damage to other species, the area maintains its biodiversity, climate and water cycles.The amount of wood taken is managed to ensure no disruption to the natural production and the natural ecosystem is in balance maintaining its biodiversity climate and water cycles.

Botanical Innovations commercial production of Buddha Wood or Australian Desert Rosewood Essential Oil creates a third sustainably harvested wild timber essential oil for the cosmetic and nutraceutical market.

Differentiate your products with a new aroma profile. Australian Buddha Wood Essential Oil is a rich delicate sweet, woody aroma with a hint of vanilla.

Applications include perfume, fragrance, massage oil, skin care, aromatherapy & topical therapeutic applications.

Topical Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Health and Wellness Applications.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder with ‘Mother

Botanical Name: Malus domestic, Malus pulila
CAS: 8028-52-2
Description: Naturally Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar with ‘Mother’
Production Methodology: Natural Fermentation and Drying .

Botanical Innovations spent four years undertaking extensive research and development to create its proprietary APPLE CIDER VINEGAR POWDER WITH “MOTHER”.‘

Botanical Innovations Apple Cider Vinegar Powder with ‘Mother’ won the Food and Beverage Industry Innovative Ingredients Award 2018.

Botanical Innovations Apple Cider Vinegar Powder with ‘Mother’ is made from Australian Granny Smith Apples. Botanical Innovations apples are sourced primarily from Central West NSW.The growing temperature ranges from -10 to 40 degrees celsius. This unique climate creates a unique phenolic profile

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR POWDER WITH ‘MOTHER” a NATURAL PREBIOTIC with known benefits of vinegar for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and health and wellness applications.

Pre biotics are a type of non-digestible carbohydrate which promotes the growth and activity of good bacteria in the gut.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR POWDER contains the following highly concentrated natural compounds including “Mother” and POLYPHENOLS, ANTIOXIDANTS and phenolic compounds Gallic acid and chlorogenic acid.

Botanical Innovations Apple Cider Vinegar Powder suitable for a variety of Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Health and Wellness Applications.

Dating back 5,000 BC vinegar has been a staple part of the human diets for millennium. The first recorded use was by the Babylonians who used vinegar as a condiment and preservative. The Ancient Romans consumed vinegar as a beverage and the Ancient Greeks used vinegar to pickle meat and vegetables.

The healing properties of vinegar have also been referenced in the bible and the work of Hippocrates. By 2,000BC vinegar production became commercialized and was used to treat disease and wounds.

Botanical Innovations Apple Cider Vinegar Powder can be used in a number of internal and topical applications. It is a natural ingredient for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and health and wellness products.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder Data Sheet

Milk Thistle Seed Oil

Botanical NameSilybum marianum
Description: Silybum marianum seed oil Is expressed from the seeds of milk thistle, holy thistle, St Mary’s thistle.
Description: Cold Pressed Oil
CAS: 84604-20-6
EC Number: 283-298-7
INCI Name: Silybum Marianum Seed Oil

Key Active Compounds
Free Fatty Acids
Oleic Acid 70-85%
Linoleic Acid 9-20%
Vitamin E >40mg per 100g

Botanical Innovations Cold Pressed Milk Thistle Seed Oil The oil from the seed is released gently using traditional cold pressing which slowly crushes the seeds to release the oil without external heat or solvents.

Botanical Innovations cold pressed Milk Thistle Seed Oil is pure as nature intended.

The healing and restorative properties of this gentle golden oil are well documented making it an essential ingredient for a range of topical and internal nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and health and wellness products.

Milk thistle oil is a rich source of antioxidants and flavonolignans (silymarin), which makes it an excellent and natural cure for various illnesses. It is mainly known for its beneficial effects on the liver. The oil is a rich source of Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid and Vitamin E which provide a number of anti-ageing and natural health internal and external health benefits.

Applications Internal and Topical
Cosmeceutical: Ingredient for anti-aging properties for skin care products
Nutraceutical: Ingredient for supplements boosting immunity, liver and heart health Health and Wellness: Massage Oil and Edible Oil

Zero Alcohol Wine Powder

Botanical Innovations has developed a unique range of wine powders which retain the flavour of the wine they were made from without the alcohol. These powders are made from wine. These powders are not low alcohol substitutes. Wine powders are made from wine that has undergone a traditional oenology (wine making) process that is vinification of wine, starting with the selection of the fruit, its fermentation into alcohol, finishing and bottling. The raw material is good wine. The alcohol is then gently removed via proprietary technology and dried to ensure the flavour and aroma of the wine remain.


Shiraz Powder
Pinot Noir Powder
Cabinet Sauvignon Powder
Tawny Port Powder

Sparkling Brut Powder
Chardonnay Powder
Riesling Powder
Sauvignon Blanc Powder

Finalist Food and Beverage Industry Innovative Ingredient Award 2019

Aroma The aroma of the wine they were made from.
Zero Alcohol All the alcohol is removed during the drying process
Taste The taste of a good wine.
Functionality Add flavour, aroma and depth to food and beverages without the alcohol.
Nutraceutical Benefits Botanical Innovations wine powders contain natural polyphenols.

The wine powders capture the POLYPHENOLS, ANTIOXIDANTS proanthocyanidins and resveratrol in wine without the alcohol.

Zero Alcohol Wine Powders are suitable for a number of internal and topical Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Health and Wellness applications. This flavour, fragrance and ingredient can be added to new and existing products or used as a stand alone ready to mix beverage.

Minimum order quantities apply.

Red Wine Extract Powder


Studies have shown that zero alcohol red wine and red wine extract which contain the same if not more positive health benefits than drinking red wine with alcohol.

Botanical Innovations Red Wine Extract Powder is derived from grapes (Vitis vinifera) grown in Australia which are fortified into wine. Red Wine Extract is from the concentrating Australian Red Wine. Botanical Innovations Red Wine extract contains concentrated phenolic rich phytonutrients including powerful antioxidants. The polyphenols found in Botanical Innovations Red Wine Extract Powder are water soluble bioflavonoids that benefits the body by fighting free radicals. Red Wine Extract Powder also contains vitamin E, flavonoids, anthocyanins and resveratrol.

The Botanical Innovations literature review details some of the most recent positive health benefits derived from the POLYPHENOLS found in red wine.

• Cardio Vascular Health Benefits
• Increase antioxidants in the cardiovascular system
• Liking blood and brain health
• Benefits for the Central nervous system
• Neuro cognitive health
• Maintenance of a good hormonal balance
• Bone density (osteoporosis)
• Joint health (osteoarthritis)
• Muscle function (sarcopenia)
• Skin health using oral supplements and topical applications
• Blood homeostasis imbalance
• Cognitive performance
• Quality of life (vitality, mood, perception of pain)

Red Wine Extract Powder is a unique Nutraceutical Flavour and Ingredient suitable for a range of health and wellness applications. It can be added to new and existing products or as a stand alone product.