Botanical Name: Hypericum Periforatum
CAS: 84082-80-4
INCI: Hypericum Periforatum Extract
Description: St John’s Wort Extract Concentrated Liquid or Powder
Production Methodology: Ethanol and Water

Botanical Innovations St John’s Wort Hypericum Extract is made from wild harvested St John’s Wort from Blue Mountains and Central West region of NSW. Due to the intense heat and dry conditions the St John’s Wort flowers contain very high concentrations of hypericum.

St John’s Wort contains a complex mixture of POLYPHENOLS including Tannins, Flavonoids, Xanthones and philoroglueinol. St John’s Extract is known of the active polyphenol phytonUtrients Hypericum.

These polyphenols have been extracted and concentrated from St John’s Wort flowers for over 2,000 year with records of the Ancient Greeks and Romans using the extract both internally and externally to sooth the digestive system and to treat wounds, burns, bruises and strains.

It is commonly prescribed for mild depression and recently studies have highlighted a number of internal and topical medicinal uses.

Botanical Innovations harvests St John’s Wort December – January. Annual orders must be placed by September prior to harvest. Minimum order quantities apply.