Botanical Name: Acacia Dealbata
Common Names: Mimosa, Cassie
Parts Used: Flowers, Leaves
Aroma: Herbaceous Floral Notes
Production: Solvent Extraction

Mimosa absolute is cherished as a heart-note and fixative, harmonizing the blended aromas of many ICONIC perfumes.

Botanical Innovations Mimosa Absolute comes from Mimosa flowers wild harvested Central West NSW which are extracted with solvent to produce a high quality Mimosa Absolute.

Flowers are wild harvested July to September ordering prior to harvesting is required annually. Minimum order quantities apply.

There are approximately 1300 Acacia species world wide with 1000 native to Australia. Acacia known as thorn trees in Africa or wattles in Australia, are very important economic plants as sources of tannins, gums, timber, fuel, fodder and traditional medicines. Acacia species have been used as traditional medicinal plants since the early days of civilization.

In Egyptian mythology, acacia was referred to as ‘the tree of life’, reflecting its healing nature.