Botanical Innovations has created a unique range of essential oil herb powders. These versatile aromatic powders are a perfect solution for a range of Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Health and Wellness applications.

Oregano Oil Powder
Botanical Name: Oreganum Vulgare
Volatile Compound: Carvacrol
Essential Oil Content 5-10%

Basil Oil Powder
Botanical Name: Ocimum Basilicum
Volatile Compound: Linool, Eugenol
Essential Oil Content 5-10%

Thyme Oil Powder
Botanical Name: Thymus Serpylium
Volatile Compund: Thymol
Essential Oil Content: 5-10%

Catmint Oil Powder
Botanical Name: Nepta Cataria
Volatile Compound: Nepetalactone
Essential Oili Content 5-10%

Rosemary Oil Powder
Botanical Name: Rosmarinus Officiinalis
Volatile Compounds: Cineol, alpha Piinen,
Essential Oiil Content: 5-10%

Sage Oil Powder
Botanical Name; Salvia Officinalis
Volatile Compounds: α-thujone, camphor,
β-thujone, 1,8-cineole, viridiflorol,
Essential Oil Content: 5-10%

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