Essential Oil Distillation Contract Manufacturing

Create Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oil Distillation Contract Manufacturing

Distillation to manufacture and extract essential oils from botanical materials creates pure essential oils free from solvents.

The raw material is placed in the still and steam is forced over the material. Hot steam helps to release the aromatic molecules from the plant material as the heat forces open the pockets in which the oils are kept in the plant material. The molecules of these volatile oils then escape from the plant material and evaporate into the steam.

The steam which contains the essential oil is passed through a cooling system to condense the steam, which forms a liquid from which the essential oil and water is then separated.


Steam Distillation creates a natural product free from solvents and contaminants.



Our simple pricing structure consists of:

  • A once off establishment fee
  • A fixed price per kilo priced according to volume


Food & Beverage

  • Essential Oils, Flavours, Fragrances, Colours. Ingredients

Natural Healthcare

  • Essential Oils, Health Supplements, Ingredients


  • Essential Oils, Fragrance, Ingredients, Perfumes, Skin Care Products

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