Botanical Name: Eremophilla Mitchelli
Description: Eremophilla Mitchelli stem cell leaf extract
Production Methodology: Ethanol and Water
Aromatic with a woody, sweet, strawberry
Applications: Topical Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical, Health and Wellness.

The Eremophilla Mitchelli Leaf Stem Cell Extract is water soluble and extracted using Botanical Innovations proprietary technology

This unique stem cell extract is created from the new stems cells created by the Eremophilla Mitchelli after bush fire.

The main constituents of Eremophilla Mitchelli Leaf stem cell are Eremophilone, 2-Hydroxy-Eremophilone and 2-Hydroxy-2-Dihydroxy-Eremophilone.

Eremophilla Mitchelli is a desert loving tree found throughout the arid regions of tropical and sub tropical Australia primarily found in native scrub ranging from Northern Queensland to Northern NSW. Eremophilla Mitchelli grows to between 2.5-6 metres has glossy hard green broomlike leaves and white or mauve bell shaped fragrant flowers. The trees live for hundreds of years through droughts, floods and often remain dormant for long periods. The Eremophilla Mitchelli will during its lifetime experience bushfires ranging in temperature from 300 -800 Degrees Celsius. Following this intense heat the tree comes back to life generating leaves, flowers and branches. It is the new growth leaves that are harvested to create this unique stem cell extract.

Australia is a country both floods, bush fires and severe droughts. The native flora has over millennia created unique means of surviving during periods of adversity with many trees hibernating during floods and drought to be awakened after fire sweeps through. The charred trees regenerate creating unique stem cells born out of adversity.

The Eremophilla Mitchelli (Buddha Wood) Leaf Stem Cell extract is created from the cells from the plant renewal after fire. The cells in the extract have been created from new growth stem cells which have undergone an ageing process and are new cells that have the potential to grow new limbs, leaves and flowers allowing the tree to live for centuries.

Eremophilla Mitchelli Leaf Stem Cell Extract is a unique ingredient for cosmetic applications for wrinkle, anti ageing, moisturising and hydrating products.

The leaves are harvested annually during the cooler months. Preordering prior to harvest is required. Minimum order quantities apply.