Quandong Seed Oil

Botanical Name: Satalum Acuminatum
Common Names: Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil, Desert Peach Oil
Production: Quandong Seed Oil

Polyphenol Fatty Acid Profile
Xymenic Acid 45-65%
Oleic Acid 30-55%
Palmitic Acid 5%

The Quandong is an Australian Sandalwood with a unique seed with the highest concentrations of Xymenic Acid and Oleic Acid within the sandalwood family.

Xymenic Acid is an established anti inflammatory lipid.
Oleic Acid contains emollient and nourishing properties making ia natural restorative, anti ageing oil suitable for a variety of applications.

The oil is a clear fine liquid which when blended in formulations or with carrier oils at 5 to 8% will add truly unique phytochemical properties to any formulation.

The seeds are harvested annually. Preordering prior to harvest is required.
Minimum order quantities apply.