BOTANICAL INNOVATIONS RED WINE EXTRACT POWDER IS A RICH SOURCE OF ANTIOXIDANTS in particular, the POLYPHENOLS, RESVERATROL, CATECHINS, QUERCETIN and ANTHOCYANDINS. The polyphenols in red wine are linked to reduced incidences of cardiovascular disease. However, the alcohol in wine limits the benefits of wine.

Studies have shown that zero alcohol red wine and red wine extract which contain the same ANTIOXIDANTS including POLYPHENOLS, RESVERATROL, CATECHINS, QUERCETIN and ANTHOCYANDINS has the same is not more positive health benefits.

The Botanical Innovations literature review details some of the most recent positive health benefits derived from the ANTIOXIDANTS found in red wine POLYPHENOLS: RESVERATROL,CATECHINS, QUERCETIN and ANTHOCYANDINS.

The positive polyphenolic antioxidant effects of the polyphenols in red wine include:

  • Cardio Vascular Health Benefits
  • Increase antioxidants in the cardiovascular system
  • Assisting blood glucose control
  • Skin health • Bone Health
  • Memory
  • Liking blood and brain health
  • Benefits for the Central nervous system
  • Neuro cognitive health
  • Maintenance of a good hormonal balance
  • Bone density (osteoporosis)
  • Joint health (osteoarthritis)
  • Muscle function (sarcopenia)
  • Skin health using oral supplements and topical applications
  • Blood homeostasis imbalance
  • Cognitive performance
  • Quality of life (vitality, mood, perception of pain

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Zero Alcohol Wine Powders

Botanical Innovations has developed a unique range of wine powders which retain the flavour of the wine they were made from without the alcohol. These powders are made from wine. These powders are not low alcohol substitutes. Wine powders are made from wine that has undergone a traditional oenology (wine making) process that is vinification of wine, starting with the selection of the fruit, its fermentation into alcohol, finishing and bottling. The raw material is good wine. The alcohol is then gently removed via proprietary technology and dried to ensure the flavour and aroma of the wine remain.

Botanical Innovations Zero Alcohol Wine Powders Finalists Food and Beverage Innovative Ingredient Award 2019.Food & Beverage awards logo 2019_finalist


Shiraz Powder
Sparkling Brut Powder
Pinot Noir Powder
Chardonnay Powder
Cabinet Sauvignon Powder
Reisling Powder
Tawny Port Powder
Sauvignon Blanc Powder


Aroma The aroma of the wine they were made from. Zero Alcohol All the alcohol is removed during the drying process

Taste The taste of a good wine.

Functionality Add flavour, aroma and depth to food and beverages without the alcohol.

Nutraceutical Benefits Botanical Innovations wine powders contain natural polyphenols.

The wine powders capture the ANTIOXIDANTS POLYPHENOLS, RESVERATROL, QUERCETIN, CATCHINS, ANTHOCYANDINS  in wine without the alcohol.

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