Active ingredients for health supplements and nutraceutical applications

Apple Cider Vinegar with “Mother” Powder

A natural prebiotic for gut health. 5-9% acetic acid. Ingredient for healthcare supplements or stand alone Apple Cider Vinegar pills and capsules.

St John’s Wort Extract

Australian St John’s wort contains super concentrated hypericum as a result of the heat of the intense heat from the harsh Australian sun. Botanical Innovations is the first commercial producer of wild harvest Australian St John’s Wort Extract. Available as a liquid, powder or infused oil. Suitable for health care supplements. Studies indicate St John’s Wort Extract assist regulate sleeping patterns and may assist with the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Fermented Papaya Powder

Fermented Papaya Powder contains antioxidants, natural fiber, folic acid and multi vitamins, among other nutrients. Studies indicate Fermented Papaya Powder is good for skin health, reduces cholesterol, helps combat constipation and strengthens the immune system. The active ingredients is papayin. This product is suitable for healthcare supplements pills, capsules and blends.

Apple Peel Extract

With an extract ratio of 1:200 this extract has the nutrients of one apple for every 10ml or 10gm. This extract is available in liquid or powder form. The total phenolic content is 30,000-70,000 mg/L and contains concentrated Quercetin and Antioxidants. This product is suitable for healthcare supplements in formulation or as a stand alone product.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract is a natural source of polyphenols, proanthocyanidins powerful antioxidants with research linking grape seed extract to cardiovascular and circulatory health and support for the immune system.. This extract is available in liquid or powder form. Botanical Innovations grape seed extract is 50,000-60,000mg/L or OCP’s (oligomeric proanthocyandins) 400-500mg.

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Nutraceutical Ingredients