Create new fragrances with Botanical Innovations Australian NATIVE ESSENTIAL OILS, STEM CELL EXTRACTS AND ABSOLUTES

Buddha Wood Essential Oil

This unique oil is derived from the desert loving Eremophilla Mitchelli which is only found in Central Western New South Wales and Southern Queensland Australia. An ancient oil with a history dating back to the 40,000 in song lines and traditional ceremonies from the dreamtime where the concept of time stops and yesterday, today and tomorrow are one. Buddha Wood Essential Oil has a rich woody aroma with a hint of vanilla. Formulated into male fragrances the Eremophilone provides a new note from ancient traditions.

Eremophilla Mitchelli Leaf Stem Cell Extract

Australian native fauna rejuvenates after the devastation of bushfires with temperatures rising above 12000 Celsius new leaves grow. The Eremophilla Mitchelli leaf stem cell extract has a subtle sweet aroma with a hint of strawberry. This water soluble extract has a new aroma suitable for a range of products.

Wild Harvested Australian Mimosa Dealbata Absolute

The aroma of the Australian Mimosa Dealbata is heightened by the intense spring and summer sun which create a strong fragrance that last in any application.

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Australian Native Fragrances