Mr Adarsh Gupta from Canny Overseas is Botanical Innovations Sales and Marketing Agent in India for our exclusive products including:

Apple Sweetener 

Apple Sweetener is a bulk sugar replacer made from whole apples winner Innovative Ingredient Food and Beverage Industry Awards 2017. It is not a juice concentrate. If you are looking for a clean label to replace or reduce the sugar content in your products try Apple Sweetener.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder is a prebiotic and natural preservative winner Innovative Ingredient Food and Beverage Industry Awards 2018. This product contains “Mother” has an acetic acid content of 5-10%. It can be added to snack foods, drinks or be added to natural healthcare supplements.

Australian Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract contains concentrated polyphenols. Recent studies indicate there are a number of health benefits associated with grape seed extract. Australian Grape Seed Extract is available in liquid form to add polyphenols to your beverage products and in a powder form which can also be added to natural healthcare supplements. Australian Grape Seed Extract is not standardised with pine bark, peanuts or any other additives. Australian Grape Seed Extract contains 100% Grape Seed Extract.


Mr Adarsh Gupta is also a member of the FoodTech AgTech Contract Manufacturing and Consulting Services Team. Our services in India include Business Matching Market Visits, Market Research, Product Registration and Ongoing Sales and Marketing for your products in India. Contact us if you are considering expanding your products to India.

Botanical Innovations manufactures a range of Nutraceutical Flavours, Fragrances and Ingredients for Food and Beverages, Natural Healthcare and Cosmeceutical applications. We also offer contract manufacturing services. If you are looking for a new or novel flavour, fragrance or ingredient contact us to see if we can help.

Mr Adarsh Gupta

Botanical Innovations Marketing and Sales Agent India and Member of the FoodTech -AgTech Team.

  • National Coordinator Akhil Bhartiua Nagrik Seva Sangh January 2016 to Present (Political Party dedicated to eliminating unemployment and culture purgation)
  • Publisher and Printer of Mangal Vimash Magazine May 2014 to present
  • President Nishtaa NGO. Nishtaa is an NGO dedicated to providing health and education services to the poor. Moto For the People by the President 2009 to present
  • Editor in Chief Nishtaa News May 2014 to present
  • Lifetime Associate Navjyoti India Foundation 2013 to present
  • Trustee Aarsh Shiksha Santhan Ashok Vihar NGO 2012 to present
  • Director Canny Overseas Pvt Ltd 1991 to present.
  • Member Confederation of all India Traders (CAIT) January 2011 to present

Mr Adarsh Gupta has spent his career balancing political life, philanthropic activities and building successful import and export businesses.

Canny Overseas is the one of the largest importers of pulses in India with extensive networks in Australia, Canada and offices and affiliates in New Dehli, Mumbai, Dubai and China.

Mr Adarsh Gupta also imports and exports; Ice Wine, Mustard Oil, Home Furnishings, Pashmina Shawls, Jems, cosmetics, foods and beverages.

He is an experienced Director skilled in negotiation, marketing management, business planning, import, and retail. He has coordinated and managed business matching delegations from Australia and Canada looking to develop markets for their products in India.

Canny Overseas Pvt Ltd
B-170 Pryadarshini Vihar
Delhi 110092 India
Telephone: +91 9811166215
Email: Adarsh Gupta:

Attached are our product lists and contract manufacturing brochure


Health and Wellbeing Product List

Foods and Beverages Product List

Cosmeceutical Product List

Agtech-Foodtech Contract Manufacturing and Advisory Services Brochure