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Apple Extract Sweetener Winner Food and Beverage Industry Ingredient Innovation Award
Apple Extract Sweetener Winner Food and Beverage Industry Ingredient Innovations Award. Apple Extract sweetener sugar replacer made from 100% Apple

Botanical Innovations has created an Apple Extract Sweetener for Functional Foods and Beverages and Natural Healthcare products. Apple Extract Sweetener won the Australian Food and Beverage Ingredient Innovation Award in 2017 and will be featured in the Food Innovation Australia Limited Celebrating Innovations Book 2018.

Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener is a new naturalĀ  sugar replacer for foods and beverages and natural healthcare products with a Brix of 65-70.

Botanical Innovations has concentrated Phenolic Rich Phytonutrients in the Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener retaining natural Antioxidants, Polyphenols including Phenolic Acids and Flavonoids.

Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener also contains concentrated Quercetin, Triterpenoids, Ursolic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Minerals.

Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener is novel and unique as is made from whole apples it is not a juice concentrate. It is 100% Australian apple with no additives or preservatives.

Flavours, sugars, and sugar substitutes are divided into natural or synthetic or artificial. There is a growing demand for natural flavours and sugars and sugar substitutes.

A number of artificial sweeteners and highly processed natural sweeteners such as corn syrup, rice syrup and barley malt do not contain the energy found in low processed sweeteners such as Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener for the human body to use.

Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener is a natural apple flavour and sweetener which combines energy and fructose with the nutritional value of whole apples.

In recent years health concerns have been raised about excessive sugar content in foods and beverages, which are believed to be contributing to an increase in a number of chronic health problems including obesity and type 2 Diabetes. To help reduce the sugar content in a number of foods and beverages the World Health Organisation, medical groups and a number of governments are advocating or have implemented a tax on sugary drinks to reduce sugar intake. Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener is a natural sweetener for food and beverages and an alternative to help address the growing requirement to reduce the sugar content in foods and beverages.

Apple Extract Sweetener Bulk Sugar Replacer Functionality

Bulk sweetener 100% natural sugars SORBITOL, GLUCOSE, FRUCTOSE Complements other flavours
Flavour enhancer food and beverage applications
Masks and reduces bitterness chocolate and coffee
Adds weight and volume
Impacts upon mouth feel and texture
Water soluble Kept in solution between 0-140 degrees celius
Lowers freezing point in ice creams and helps prevent ice crystals

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Sucrose is the standard sweetener to which all other sweeteners are compared. The relative sweetness of sucrose is set 1 or 100%. Sweeteners are divided into two main groups build sweeteners with a relative sweetness lower or slightly higher than sucrose and high intensity sweeteners with a relative sweetness considerably higher than sucrose.

APPLE EXTRACT SWEETENER is comprised of Sorbitol Glucose Fructose The sweetness of APPLE EXTRACT SWEETENER depending upon the temperature and application is similar to Sucrose. It is not a high intensity sweetener.


APPLE EXTRACT and sucrose remain sweet for the same time as the sourness of citric acid whiles the sweetness of high intensity sweeteners will also longer than the sourness of citric acid to the effect that the sweet taste may last for too long.

APPLE EXTRACT enhances the flavour of fruit in food and beverage applications.

APPLE EXTRACT help mask or reduce bitterness in chocolate and coffee applications.


APPLE EXTRACT is a bulk sweeteners that adds weight and volume to the product and impacts on mouth feel and texture. High intensity sweeteners are used in such small amounts that they affect neither the volume nor the mouth feel of the product.

APPLE EXTRACT, natural sugars, glucose syrups and sugar alcohols are all bulk sweeteners.


APPLE EXTRACT adds some weight to the product. At low concentrations, the volume is only slightly affected, whereas they contribute a substantial part of the volume in products with a high sweetener content like jams and marmalades.


APPLE EXTRACT is water soluble and can be kept solution between 0-140 degrees celsius. The relatively high solubility of APPLE EXTRACT is an important parameter for its bulking effect in many foods and beverages. The dissolved fruit sugars increases the viscosity of water based solutions or mixtures resulting in enhanced mouth feel.

Dissolved APPLE EXTRACT lowers the freezing point of ice cream by preventing the water molecules from combining to form ice crystals, which slows down the freezing process. The frozen water crystals no longer in solution increase the sugar concentration in the remaining solution and lower the freezing point even further.

In bakery products, the solubility of APPLE EXTRACT makes it compete with flour proteins and starch granules for the availability of water, which minuses the gluten formation and decreases gelatanisation of the starch. This makes the final product more moist and tender, and the hygroscopicity of APPLE EXTRACT ensures it remain that way longer.


APPLE EXTRACT adds texture and mouth feel in beverages or yoghurts. In mustards, ketchups high intensity sweeteners require a texturiser to obtain the same texture as bulk sweeteners. APPLE EXTRACT adds weight, volume and mouth feel as well as assisting with the gelation process and texture.


APPLE EXTRACT is effective in lowering the freezing point of a solution. This is important in the manufacture of ice cream products and frozen deserts. Frozen products containing sugars can be made softer and easier to scoop at a given temperature than the same products without APPLE EXTRACT.

APPLE EXTRACT controls or prevents ice crystals in these products. The lower the freezing point the more difficult for the ice crystals to form. The freezing point is related to the number of molecules in solution. The greater the number of solute molecules present the greater the depression of the freezing point.


Flavours, Fragrances and Ingredients Oils, Extracts and Powders
Flavours, Fragrances and Ingredients for Functional Foods and Beverages, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical applications.

Botanical Innovations using proprietary technology has created the following unique Flavours, Fragrances and Ingredients from Australian apples and apple pomace.

Botanical Innovations is an Australian Bio Technology company adding value to naturally occurring elements to create functional food and beverage solutions, which combine taste and function.

The company invests heavily in research and development leading to innovations, new products and proprietary production methodologies and the development of a unique range of AUSTRALIAN FUNCTIONAL NUTRACEUTICAL, Flavours, Frances & Ingredients for Functional Foods & Beverages, Natural Healthcare and Cosmeceutical Applications.

The Botanical Innovations product range includes, Plant Extracts, Fermented Plant Extracts, Cold Pressed Seed Oils, Fermented Fruit & Vinegar, Fruit Powders & Essential Oils.
By unlocking natures secrets Botanical Innovations has created new classes of flavours, fragrances and ingredients that contain phenolic rich phyto nutrients the natural chemical compounds produced by plants from photosynthesis.

Our database of scientific literature provides our customers with access to the latest research and applications for our unique range of products.

Botanical Innovations products include:
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Eeremophilla Mitchelli (Buddha Wood)

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Apple Extract Sweetener
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