Apple Extract Sweetener Winner Food and Beverage Industry Ingredient Innovation Award


Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour – Sweetener is new sugar alternative containing only Australian Apples with no additives or preservatives.

It is a natural apple flavour and sweetener combining energy and fructose with the nutritional value of whole apples providing users with clean label and all natural solutions.

This is a unique ingredient new to the market with a variety of applications for food and beverage and natural healthcare applications.

Apple Extract Flavour Sweetener acts as a bulk sweetener with similar attributes to sucrose. It complements and enhancers flavour in food and beverage applications. Apple Extract Flavour-Sweetener masks and reduces bitterness in products containing bitter flavours like coffee and chocolate. The product also adds weight and volume to condiments, confectionary and jams. Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour Sweetener also impacts upon mouth feel and texture. This unique product is water-soluble making it easy to use in a number of hot and cold applications. It will also lower the freezing point in ice creams helping prevent ice crystal formation.

Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener is a new natural fruit flavour and or sugar replacer for foods and beverages and natural healthcare products with a Brix of 65-70.

Botanical Innovations has concentrated Phenolic Rich Phytonutrients in the Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener retaining natural Antioxidants, Polyphenols including Phenolic Acids and Flavonoids. Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener also contains concentrated Quercetin, Triterpenoids, Ursolic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Minerals.

Botanical Innovations is an Australian Bio Technology company adding value to naturally occurring elements to create functional food and beverage solutions, which combine taste and function.

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The company invests heavily in research and development leading to innovations, new products and proprietary production methodologies and the development of a unique range of AUSTRALIAN FUNCTIONAL NUTRACEUTICAL, Flavours, Fragrances & Ingredients for Functional Foods and Beverages.


The Botanical Innovations product range includes, Plant Extracts, Fermented Plant Extracts, Cold Pressed Seed Oils, Fermented Fruit & Vinegar, Fruit Powders & Essential Oils.


By unlocking natures secrets Botanical Innovations has created new classes of flavours, fragrances and ingredients that contain phenolic rich phyto nutrients the natural chemical compounds produced by plants from photosynthesis.


The company database of scientific literature provides our customers with access to the latest research and applications for our unique range of products.