Apple-Surgar-3Natural Fruit Sugar SORBITOL, GLUCOSE, FRUCTOSE
BRIX 65-70 100% Australian Apple
Complements other flavours
Flavour enhancer food and beverage applications
Masks and reduces bitterness
Adds weight and volume Impacts upon mouth feel and texture
Water soluble Kept in solution between 0-140 degrees celsius
Lowers freezing point in ice creams 

Botanical Innovations has created an Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener for Functional Foods and Beverages and Natural Healthcare products. Apple Flavour, Sweetener contains 100% Australian Apples.

Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener is a new natural fruit flavour and or sugar replacer for foods and beverages and natural healthcare products with a Brix of 65-70. Containing only apple and concentrated apple Fructose this is a new fruit based alternative to sweeteners and sugars for a variety of applications.

Botanical Innovations has concentrated Phenolic Rich Phytonutrients in the Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener retaining natural Antioxidants, Polyphenols including Phenolic Acids and Flavonoids. Apple Extract Flavour, Sweetener also contains concentrated Quercetin, Triterpenoids, Ursolic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Minerals.

Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener is novel and unique as it contains only 100% apple. It is a pure fruit extract made from Australian Apple containing no additives.

Flavours, sugars, and sugar substitutes are divided into natural or synthetic or artificial. There is a growing demand for natural flavours and sugars and sugar substitutes. A number of artificial sweeteners and highly processed natural sweeteners such as corn syrup, rice syrup and barley malt do not contain the energy found in low processed sweeteners such as Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener for the human body to use.

Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener is a natural apple flavour and sweetener which combines energy and fructose with the nutritional value of whole apples.

In recent years health concerns have been raised about excessive sugar content in foods and beverages, which are believed to be contributing to an increase in a number of chronic health problems including obesity and type 2 Diabetes. To help reduce the sugar content in a number of foods and beverages the World Health Organisation is advocating for all countries to adopt a sugar tax similar to the existing tax in Mexico and the soon to be implemented tax in the United Kingdom. Botanical Innovations Apple Extract Flavour and Sweetener is a natural sweetener for food and beverages and an alternative to help address the growing requirement to reduce the sugar content in foods and beverages.


Apple Extract Flavour Sweetener Brochure