Botanical Innovations has spent 2 years undertaking research and development to create proprietary technologies to manufacture a unique range of phenolic rich phytonutrients in the form of plant extracts-fermented fruits & vinegars, cold pressed oils & phenolic rich powders.



Botanical Innovations unique range of flavours, fragrances and ingredients have variety of applicaitons for natural healthcare and wellness products.

Botanical Innovations Products incorporate the latest science and technology to extract, ferment, distill and cold press phenolic rich phytonutrients from natural timbers, plants, fruits and vegetables.

Our gentle processing of raw material ensures all our products are pure concentrated phenolic compounds.

Phenolic Rich Phytonutrient Product Range

Plant Extracts
Fermented Plant Extracts
Cold Pressed Seed Oils
Fermented Fruit & Vinegar
Fruit Powders
Essential Oils

Phenolic Rich Phytonutrient Natural Health & Wellness Applications

Private Label
Antioxidant Formulations
Botanical Supplements
Dairy Free Formulas
Fibre Formulations
Health Supplements
Osteo Support Formulas
Specialty Supplements
Sports Nutrition
Topical Applications
Vitamin & Minteral Supplements
Weight Management Formulations
Whole Food Supplements

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Natural Health & Wellness Product & Application Guide Autumn-Spring 2017

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