Buddhawood-2Until now the two most prized essential oils derived from wood in the world have been Agarwood and Sandalwood.

Australian Desert Rosewood essential oil creates a third unique rare and beautiful essential oil.

Botanical Innovations has developed a proprietary gentle extraction technology, which ensures the sensual aroma of the essential is captured in its oil and is ready for a range of cosmetic and nutraceutical applications.

Australian Desert Rosewood Essential Oil is the essential oil derived from the Eremophilla Mitchellii tree has similar properties and chemistry to Agarwood and Sandalwood with its own distinct deep aroma.

Applications include perfume, fragrance, massage oil, skin care, aromatherapy and therapeutic applications as an analgesic for muscle and joint pain management.

The oil and wood has been used for centuries indigenous aboriginal people for its therapeutic and aromatic properties. Commercial production of the essential oil began in the late 1800’s with oil and wood being exported to China for perfumery and incense. Commercial production ceased at the onset of the First World War. For the past 100 years the Buddha Wood essential oil industry has been a cottage industry with only small quantities of the oil being produced limiting supply and commercial development.

The oil contains a unique chemistry prized for its phytochemical composition and aroma.

Over 200 phytochemicals have been identified in the Eremophilla species native to Australia with the potential for development into a range of therapeutic treatments. The main phytochemicals found in Australian Buddha Wood Essential Oil are Eremophilone, 2-Hydroxy-Eremophilone and 2-Hydroxy-2-Dihydroxy-Eremophilone.

The oil is derived from sustainably wild harvested Eremophilla Mitchellii trees in NSW subject to licensing from the Australian Government. The Eremophilla Mitchelli is a desert loving tree only found in native scrub ranging from Northern Queensland to Northern NSW.

Botanical Innovations has three distinct oils and waters available from the Eremophilla Mitchell

Australian Desert Rosewood Essential Oil

Australian Desert Rosewood Data Sheet

Buddha Wood Oil

Buddha Wood Oil Data Sheet

Buddha Wood Aromatic Water

Buddha Wood Aromatic Water Data Sheet


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