grape-seed-oilBotanical Innovations cold pressed grape seed oil combines taste and function. This green clear oil contains one of the highest sources of Vitamin E and antioxidants found in fruit and vegetable oils.


Only a handful of companies in the world produce cold pressed grape seed oil. After two years of research and development Botanical Innovations has created its unique cold pressed grape seed oil.

Grapes with seed have 1-4 seeds per grape. Grape marc, which is the grape seed and skin after the juice has been removed, contains approximately 10% grape seeds. That is it takes 100kg of grapes marc to collect 10kg of grape seed.

Unlike the majority of seeds crushed for oil where the oil content is between 40-50% grapes seed typically have an oil content of 20% with cold pressing only releasing less than half this precious oil. Due to the low oil content in the seed the majority of grape seed oil is extracted using solvents, which increases the oil yield and is less expensive to process than cold pressed oils. However, solvent extracted oil does not retain the natural phytonutrients found in cold pressed grape seed oil.

Cold pressing oil is the most natural means of extracting oil from seeds as the oil is released via friction with no chemicals or external heat. Cold pressed oils retain the natural phenols and phytonutrients present in the seed. In grape seed oil this include antioxidants and free fatty acids.

Grape seed oil is cholesterol free and has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids including Linoleic Acid (C18:2). Linoleic Acid has a number of benefits as a skin emollient and has been associated with promotion of cardiovascular health.

Botanical Innovations cold pressed grape seed oil contains antioxidants, phytosterois, tocopherols, toctrienols flavonoids, phenolic acids and carotenoids. The most important are tocoherols and tocotrienois, which make up Vitamin E. Cold pressed grape seed oil antioxidant activity is directly related to the high concentration of Vitamin E not found in other oils.

Cold pressed grape seed oil is a new nutraceutical ingredient suitable for a variety of functional foods and beverage, natural healthcare and cosmeceutical applications and private label.

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