french-oak-extractDifferentiate your product range, aroma and functional health profile with concentrated antioxidants and phenols.

Australian French Oak Extract has a sensual oak aroma with woody, musk and cinnamon notes

Flavour, Fragrance & Ingredient


Botanical name: Quercus Robur
CAS: 97676-29-4
Description: French Oak Wood Extract


French Oak Extract
Sensual Oak Aroma Cinnamon, Musk Woody Notes.
Concentrated Phenols, Quercetin and powerful Antioxidants Ellagic Acid, Castalagin, Ellagic Acid



Capture oxygen delaying oxidation which may prevent or delay cell damage.


Large group of molecules found in plants. These compounds are responsible for the taste, colour & mouthfeel are and divided into phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Australian French Oak Extract contains Gallic Acid, Ellagic Acid, Vanillic Acids, Syringic Acids, Ferulic Acids, Vanillin, Syringaldehyde, Syringic Acid, Aesceuletin, Scopoletin, Roburins A-E, Grandinin, Vescalagin, Castalagin.


Colour Dark Brown-Red
Aroma Oak, Wood, Musk, Cinnamon
Soluble Complete
Concentrated Phenol


There are over 600 varieties of Oak trees distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The timber has been valued for centuries for ship building, fine furniture and panelling. One of the earliest uses of Oak was for manufacturing barrels for wine dating back 2,000 years to Ancient Rome. Wine ageing oak barrels has been a proven method of improving the flavour of wine due to the unique phenolic content of the heartwood. It is these phenolic compounds that have been concentrated in Botanical Innovations Australian French Oak Extract.


500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, 20 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre, 200 litre drums. For orders over 1 tonne contact us to discuss your requirements.


Shelf life 2 years unopened in original packaging.


Contains/Potential Contamination

Cereals & cereal products + gluten                                     No
Crustaceans & their products                                               No
Eggs & egg products                                                                No
Fish & fish products                                                                No
Peanuts or peanut products                                                  No
Soybeans or their products                                                   No
Milk or milk products                                                             No
Nuts & nut products                                                                No
Celery & celery products                                                        No
Mustard & mustard products                                               No
Sesame seeds & sesame products                                       No
Sulphur dioxide & sulphites                                                 No

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