Botanical Innovations has unlocked natures secrets to create new classes of phenolic rich Flavours, Fragrances & Ingredients for Functional Nutraceutical Applications.

phenoic-rich-phytonutrientsPhenolic rich photo nutrients are the natural chemical compounds produced by plants from photosynthesis.

A plants phenolic compounds are divided into primary and secondary.

Primary Phenolic Compounds (metabolites)

Fatty Acids
Amino Acids
Nucliec Acids

Secondary Phenolic Compounds (matabolites) are more complex and believed to be responsible for the plants respiratory systems and its ability to survive in the environment.



Secondary Phenolic Compounds

Hyroxycinnamic Acids
Hydroxybenzoic Acids

A plant will produce compounds to adapt to changing environmental conditions such as flood, drought, heat, cold, nutritional distress and disease. In evolutionary terms phenols are believed to be responsible for plants migration from the sea to land when plants developed phenolic UV light screens and continued survival for millions of years.

Plants adapt to changing environmental conditions and stress by producing plant phenols which can produce free radicals and other oxidative compounds. Plants also have the ability to synthesise phenolic compounds which act as toxins and detergents to insects, pathogens and other dangers as well as assist with attraction of insects for reproduction purposes.

Botanical Innovations has created a unique set of phenolic rich flavours, fragrances & ingredients which contain concentrated phenolic compounds with unique properties developed by plants over millions of years.

Botanical Innovations Phenolic Rich Products

  • Plant Extracts
  • Fermented Plant Extract
  • Cold Pressed Seed Oils
  • Fermented Fruit & Vinegar
  • Fruit Powders
  • Essential Oils

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