Botanical Innovations Opening New Manufacturing Facility Orange NSW

Clergate Road Front EntranceBotanical Innovations is moving to a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Orange NSW. The facility will be commissioned over the next three months and will include essential oils, oils, drying, packaging and milling manufacturing capabilities.

The new facility has 550 square meters of manufacturing space in North Orange. When fully operational mid 2015 this will be a state of the art highly computerized modern manufacturing facility.

The new facility will be processing and manufacturing a number of new and unique essential oils, oils and flours derived from fruits, herbs, vegetables and woods.

Botanical Innovations is an Australian Bio Technology company adding value to naturally occurring elements to create natural solutions which add value to plant, food and peoples health.

Botanical Innovations people health manufacturers the ULTRA PURUS a range of natural biodegradable Sanitisers and Disinfectants for the food service industry for use by the healthcare and hospitality industry and commercial and industrial facilities.

Botanical Innovation plant health has developed a range of proprietary natural bio fumigants, biocides, bio stimulants and bio conditions for soil and plant health. Botanical Innovations plant health provides to solutions to the nursery, horticultural and flower industries which sustainably increase yields and quality.

Botanical Innovations food health creates a range of proprietary natural bio preservatives to protect and extend the life of a range of food products through the life cycle of production and post harvest care to storage, packaging, transport, to market for fresh and processed produce including fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

Botanical Innovations health care is manufacturing a unique range of edible oils, essential oils, flours and other dried products for the food ingredient, food manufacturing, cosmetic and fragrance, natural medical and medical industries.

Working with essential oils and naturally derived products Botanical Innovations is taking the latest technological advances in extraction, purification and application of naturally occurring substances to address the growing need to create a sustainable future by the reducing reliance our reliance on artificial chemicals.

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